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CINEGRAMA FILMES is an independent film production company founded in 2001 whose goal is to produce films for cinema, television, and other platforms. Throughout its trajectory, it has produced full-length feature films, short and medium-length films, besides fiction, animation and documentary TV films. It works creatively on projects, developing and producing them until their release in theaters or sales to TV and other distribution windows.


 Its central focus is to bring culturally relevant films with some unique artistic proposition, without, however, losing sight of seeking the broadest communication appeal with the audience for each film. It invests in independent projects, usually focusing on a personal and innovative perspective in the use of audiovisual language and the approach to themes.
In its projects, it establishes partnerships with creative script writers and directors, seeking communication with the public that is transformative or capable of generating some reflection.


The company also offers audiovisual courses and workshops and provides production services including executive production, direction and production management, location scouting, front-end production, and production consulting for other companies, both national and international. 

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Jorge Guedes is one of the company’s partners and he is also a film producer graduated in ECA/USP. He started his career by producing short films, which has been part of his professional performance since then. His role is related to executive production and production management. Additionally, he is in charge of location scouting and front-end production of feature film, TV film, and series. He has production experience working with commercials in advertising, TV programs, and cultural projects. At Cinegrama Filmes, he develops projects for Cinema, televison, and other media. In Education, he works as a coordinator and a professor in audiovisual courses and workshops.



Mariana Cruz is the company’s managing partner. She is a producer graduated from FATEC/Tatuí and also works as an audiovisual production specialist. She performs the record production and the phonogram recording from conception to distribution on streamings platforms. Besides that, she produces and organizes audiovisual recording and video editing of events and concerts. She has experience working with the production of  short films and feature films in the administrative and finance areas. She also performs the production of audiovisual courses and workshops. 

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The company works collaboratively with a varied group of screenwriters and creative directors who are in charge of developing feature film projects for cinema, series, telefilms for television and digital media.

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Since 2001, Cinegrama Films has been operating in the professional market to offer services such as feature film production and TV series production to other companies that have their own audiovisual projects. Additionally, it organizes and produces audiovisual workshops for NGO, associations, and institutions.

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